Artist: Atlantis
Title: Atlantis
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 1997
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The Review:

Atlantis' debut CD has two main influences, musically; UK & ELP.

Only one draw back for me is that Ken is a great bass player but his vocals are flat at times but not bad enough to take away from the music and Tecknobudd is a very good keyboard player on the CD and live!

I've had the pleasure to see these guys live both as a trio back in 1998 and their current quintet in 2000! They really put on a very good show and play their instruments masterfully *IMHO*!!

Trail of Tears, Deux Ex Machina, For The Money & The Olde King all have a UK sound (Danger Money) and The Olde King is an instrumental too for those who are turned off by flat vocals. (sorry Ken).
Beyond Your Horizon is a very straight forward keyboard driven song and Ken's vocals sound good here!. Little Man Ken sounds abit like Wetton and the interplay between Ken 's accoustic guitar & Tecknobudd's lush keys sound like Wetton/ Downes interplay in the first Asia. And one of my favorite tracks on this CD (the other being The Olde King) Run From The Past another ELP sounding song (with the way the keys & drums sound) and the second longest song on the CD.
I have heard their new stuff and it's worlds apart from their debut (the cassette sampler will be reviewed very soon). Not that this music is bad but I just think that their best works are yet to come, since they seem to be evolving each time I see them.
Atlantis is a very good symphonic-prog band!!!
~Ron for May 25th, 2001


1. Trail of Doubts [8:07]
2. Deux Ex Machina [6:46]
3. The Old King [6:52]
4. Beyond Your Horizons [11:19]
5. One For The Money [3:59]
6. Little Man [5:13]
7. Run From The Past (10:47)

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