Artist/ Band: Black Noodle Project
Title: Ghosts And Memories
Label: Progressive Promotions Records
Year of Release: 2013
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The Review:

The Black Noodle Project was originally conceived as a one man solo project for French multi-instrumentalist Jérémie Grima in early 2001 before morphing into a bona fide band collective featuring Jérémie Grima (guitars/vocals), Matthieu Jaubert (keyboards/vocals), Arnaud Rousset (drums), Anthony Leteve (bass) and guest musicians Katrin Walkteufel (cello) and Yogi (saxophone). The group recorded their first album "And Life Goes On ..." in 2004 which was distributed by the French label Musea.

Shortly after the release of the first album Grima added a second guitarist to the band, resulting in a long-standing partnership between Jérémie Grima and Sebastien Bourdeix. The two went on to record the album "Stereoscope" (still retaining the name The Black Noodle Project) in 2005, and since then the pair have recorded an additional five studio albums with a varying line-up: "Play Again" (2006 & re-released in 2009), "Eleonore" (2008), "Ready To Go" (2010), a double CD of early band demos "Dark & Early Smiles" (2011), and the 2013 release "Ghosts And Memories".

This current line-up for "Ghosts And Memories" includes Jérémie Grima (guitars, bass, keyboards, and vocals), Sebastien Bourdeix (guitars) and Fabrice Berger (drums).

The Black Noodle Project is heavily influenced by Pink Floyd, "The Sky Moves Sideways" era Porcupine Tree, and a touch of Radiohead, but on the album "Ghosts And Memories" the tone is set by the eerie soundtracks of artists like John Carpenter, Ennio Morricone, Angelo Badalamenti and the Italian maestros of the horror film score - Goblin.

The dark progressive music of Swedish bands like Morte Macabre ("Symphonic Holocaust") and Anima Morte ("Face The Sea Of Darkness" and "The Nightmare Becomes Reality") is ever-present as the spectre of doom and dread permeate the album. An unsettling narration in the opening moments of "The Owls (Are Not What They Seem)" brings to mind the creepy mood set by the Italian master of demonic symphonic/prog, Doctor Doctor and his recording project "Devil Doll".

The music is moody and melancholy - dripping with atmosphere and majestic soundscapes.

Highly recommended to fans of Psychedelic Post-Rock, Pink Floyd, Porcupine Tree, Airbag, Anathema, Agalloch, the eerie film scores of Goblin, the darkly ominous Swedish symphonic/prog of bands like Morte Macabre, Anima Morte, Anglagard, and the French bands Pulsar and Halloween.

Another winner from Progressive Promotions Records and highlight of 2013.

Reviewed by Joseph Shingler on January 22nd, 2014


01. The Wanderer Of Lost Moments
02. They Live, We Sleep
03. The Owls (Are Not What They Seem)
04. Shades Of Tomorrow
05. Voices From Yesterday
06. Ghosts
07. A Purple Memory

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