Artist/ Band: In The Labyrinth
Title: One Trail To Heaven
Label: Trail Records
Year of Release: 2011
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The Review:

In The Labyrinth is actually one man named Peter Lindahl (many of you already knew that) and this particular recording, although issued in 2011, is a collection of compositions from his albums with some reworks and a couple of not yet published songs over the time span of 1993 and 2004. There are some guest musicians on his recordings but reading a list of what instruments Peter plays is like another Mike Oldfield. Take a look : Peter Lindahl / vocals, mellotron, guitars, bass, saz, zither, mandolin, flute, synthesizer, piano, melodion, viola da gamba, darbouka, daf, percussion, recorders, effects, programming. For those wanting the music of that period, it sure does bring back some nice memories. It also gives you a nice overview of his work.

This is what you’d consider a mostly lush mind expanding electronic recording very much along the lines of the Austrian composer Gandalf and like fellow Swedish composer Bo Hanson. You might also compare some of this music to German master Deuter (although Deuter has gone all new age now). Lindahl is one of the most respected musicians in the Swedish progressive psychedelic music scene, and with this recording, you see why. Some of the music is very powerful and not “new age” but huge and deep and otherworldly often times. You get a peek at the colossal symphonic, the dripping rainbows of eastern, and even some folk and psychedelic drenched trip music. It’s an unusual mix when you listen to the whole CD as one. Oh and for the mellotron lovers, you’ll be in heaven (as the title of the CD suggests).

I personally love this type electronic music that really spreads out and takes flight. It’s iron clad in the progressive music field and keeps away from even a sniff of New Age. This compilation CD is way good enough to join your collection, even if you have the three original albums, because he brings out new versions from his archives and you get new compositions too. It’s hardly a typical best of. The musicianship is first rate and the music is never boring. It passes my ADD test too, with many emotions and imagines brought up, excellent dynamics, and great use of a large host of instruments from all over the world. Recommended and well worth your time if you like anything at all about majestic mixed with psychedelic fused electronic and acoustic music from the past.

Reviewed by Lee Henderson on January 6th, 2012


01. Lost in the Woods 5:05
02. Escape from Canaan 4:10
03. Moorich Rhapsody 4:15
04. The Garden of Mystery 3:02
05. Monsoon 2:50
06. Over the Wall 3:58
07. Karakoram Waltz 5:10
08. Muscarin Madness 4:50
09. Deep Saffron 5:19
10. Night of the Baskerville Killer 6:34
11. The Endless City 3:13
12. Cities 5:40
13. Cloudburst 5:23

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