Artist/ Band: Intentions
Title: Place In Time
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2009
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The Review:

Intentions is a new band to the prog scene, who hail from Holland. The band formed in 2003 and over the years refined their music to what is on their 2009 debut, Places In Time. The band consists of Roelof Beeftink (vocals, guitar), André de Vries (keyboards), Erik Kuipers (bass, vocals), Sanne te Meerman (guitar, vocals) and Petrick Glasbergen (drums, percussion). Their style is simply a melodic form of progressive rock with leanings towards a more accessible result. Upon several listens, I got the impression of a Fish-era Marillion combined with bands like Sylvan, Satellite or the lighter side of Riverside.

The album has 12 tracks with the shortest of them (under 2 minutes) called “A Promise” which opens the album. The longest track is slightly over 7 minutes, “Crash”. Each of the songs have a constant vibe, never straying or having too many complex moments. It has a perfect sound that captivated me from the first time I listened to the music.

Highlights for me are: “On The Run” which shows the band at it’s most complex. Yet still accessible. “Thaw Me” reminds me of what Marillion were doing towards the end of the Fish tenure. “CU In The Real World”, which reminded me, content wise, of “Interior LuLu“. These are the songs I gravitate towards each time I listen to Place In Time.

In closing, Intentions is a band best suited for fans of the melodic side of progressive rock with leanings toward a pop vibe. If you’re not looking for a songs that have a million notes per second, than I can recommend ‘Places In Time’ to you. I would also recommend this to fans of the afore mentioned bands. I’d like to see where the band goes next, hopefully continuing their brand of progressive rock.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on May 9th, 2010


01. A Promise
02. Aimless
03. State Of Mind
04. Back
05. Eneme
06. Drowned
07. On The Rub
08. Thaw Me
09. CU In The Real World
10. Crash
11. Joy And Misery
12. Wasted

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