Artist/ Band: Dialeto
Title: Chromatic Freedom
Label: Voiceprint
Year of Release: 2010
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Two years after their fantastic debut, Will Exist Forever, comes a sophomore release in 2010 called Chromatic Freedom. Dialeto still remains a trio consisting of Nelson Coelho (lead vocals, guitars), Miguel Angel (drums, vocals) and Andrei Ivanovo (bass) together they continue where they left off on the debut album to evolve their sound.

From the opening track, “Enigma 5” (4:07) you are taken on a wild ride through a prog/punk group of songs that flow seamlessly from track to track. There are some songs in their native tongue, of which other than the music I couldn’t tell you what’s being said. The vocals are low and don’t intrude on the music.

The second song “We Got It All” (6:26) caught my ear almost immediately as did the epic of the album, “This is the World” (8:01). The former reminds me of what 80s or 90s King Crimson could have gone. Fripp explored this type of sound in the late 70s on his Exposure solo album, even on the title track, “Chromatic Freedom” (6:26).

The album closes with a pair of songs that I feel should be talked about in the same breath, “Train of Destruction” (4:23) which has vocal delivery that remind me of Adrian Belew. The final track, “Divided by Zero” (3:09) has a slight funk vibe to it with soundscapes much like Fripp’s from the double trio Crimson forward.

I feel this fill the much needed gap that King Crimson has left. Not saying Dialeto is the “new” Crimson, just that their music incorporates a lot of the ideals found on the last few Crimson records. If you’re into modern Crimson style and not the Tool blistering version, then Dialeto is the band for you and their latest release, Chromatic Freedom, is a must get (RIGHT NOW) album of the 10s.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on May 30th, 2011


01. Enigma 5
02. We Got It All
03. Dialeto
04. Esta No Ar
05. As Pedras Voam
06. This Is The World
07. Chromatic Freedom
08. Eu Me Lembro
09. Falsa Valsa
10. Rainha Perversa
11. Train Of Destruction
12. Divided By Zero

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