Artist/ Band: Glass
Title: No Stranger To The Skies
Label: Relentless Pursuit Records
Year of Release: 2000
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Glass is one of those American prog bands that went unnoticed during the mid 70's due many factors, disco and record company's lack of adventure in musical styles.

They hail from the rainy Pacific NortWest which adds a somber atmosphere and textures to their music. They are a trio of multi-instrumentalists led by the Sherman brothers that combine both a space ambient sound and a symphonic prog along with some mellow jazz jam like moments.

On Disc One, they offers songs recorded between 1975 & 1977 ranging form 6-12 minutes. Both Jeff & his younger brother Greg shine with their amazing keyboard playing on these studio tracks. Song styles are very much of the times and do have a slightly dated sound but it doesn't deter from the music at all.

The stand-out track for me is For Ursula Major and Sirus the Dog Star (not a typo according to Jeff), a very jazz and a funky progressive song which clocks in at over 12 minutes.

Disc Two, is a collection of "live" recordings dating back to 1973 including their amazing epic piece Broken Oars that is almost 30 minutes in length.

If instrumental prog is your thing then Glass is a band you won't want to miss (Glass performed at ProgWest 2001).

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on September 1st, 2001


Disc 1: The Studio Sessions
1. No Stranger To The Skies [9:14]
2. Give The Man A Hand [6:25]
3. Domino [8:24]
4. The Myopic System [8:17]
5. For Ursula Major and Sirus the Dog Star [12:12]

Disc 2: The "Live" Recordings
1-6. Broken Oars [29:56]
7. Changer [10:54]
8. Home [2:55]
9. Patrice Mersault's Dream [12:29]

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