Artist/ Band: Leibowitz
Title: Guitar For Money
Label: Self release
Year of Release: 2011
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The Review:

I don’t know much about Josh Leibowitz but he seems well versed in the classic rock and blues genre. His main instrument is guitar but also plays drums and sings. He is aided by Tony Livadas -Engineering, Mixing, Bass and Keyboards, Dave Norack-Drums on tracks 1, 6, 7, 8, 11, 12 & 13 and Elan Ram-Drums on tracks 3 & 4.

His first release ‘Guitar For Money’ contains a big variety of individual styles. Each song presents a different flavor from instrumental jam, Latin, alternative, Brit pop, reggae, 60's psychedelic, ballad, and good old rock n’ roll. While not a progressive rock recording, it has lots of different elements that may appeal to folks who listen to multiple genres. You get big influences from The Beatles, Wilco, Ten Years After, Dylan, Tom Petty, Hendrix, Don Henley, Peter Schilling and much more.

It will be interesting to hear what Josh Leibowitz does next since he seems to be agile with styles. I’m not so sure he would ever be happy just narrowing it down to one style on any of his recordings since the variety appears to be his strength. There was one song (track 12) ‘Chasing The Pompano” that I loved a keyboard part in. It was the first presence of the progressive element and track 13 “Show Me The Way To The Stage” is a real nice acoustic piece that moves to electric, with guitar, key pad strings, piano, and for me, the best vocals on the entire disc. So that song is the only ballad and the ending is fantastic!! The last song “Allergies” is pretty much a comical ditty just to properly end the CD. In short, if you like a good down home rock ‘n roll record, with lots of other styles tossed in, this will be a nice addition to your collection. You’ll get some surprises and a couple of gems.

Reviewed by Lee Henderson on April 8th, 2012


01. Intro-Regeneration 05:12
02. So Fla So Good 03:12
03. Guitar For Money 01:27
04. Move 02:07
05. Burnhill 04:26
06. Pants 02:54
07. Whatever Happened To My Life? 02:11
08. Flashbacks Halfway House Of Horrors 03:27
09. Workweek 02:51
10. The Here And Now 02:48
11. Live With Yourself 04:13
12. Chasing The Pompano 03:43
13. Show Me The Way To The Stage 04:01
14. Allergies 00:28

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