Artist/ Band: Karfagen
Title: Continium
Label: Unicorn Digital
Year of Release: 2006
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The Review:

Thereís a familiarity to this exciting new, mostly instrumental band from the Ukraine called Karfagen, yet it has itís own originality to it. It crosses over into many styles including like new age, world music, mid-eastern music, symphonic progressive rock and the occasional metallic bursts. The music is primarily keyboard based, more so with piano than synths and very melodic. Itís also very upbeat and full of life which is a nice counterbalance to music that dwells on the darker sides of life.

As previously mentioned, all songs are instrumental based with some spoken word but on the bonus track Close To Heaven, thereís some vocals. To add some flavor thereís flutes, harmonica and accordion. Thereís also two keyboardists, and lists no guitars, although I could has sworn I heard some in several songs. Iím not sure how they did it but all that matters to me is the outcome.

I enjoyed all of the songs on this album but thereís a few that stand out such as the opening A Winterís Fake (part 1 & 2) and Amused Fair. They just have a quality to the songs that uplifts me in my trying times. I would recommend fans of Camel, Pink Floyd, Sebastian Hardie and like minded bands to get a hold of Karfagenís Continium ASAP! Itís by far one of my personal favorites from the Unicorn Digital label.

Reviewed by Ron Fuchs on September 19th, 2006


1. A Winter Tale - Part 1
2. A Winter Tale - Part 2
3. Silent Anger
4. Old Legends
5. All the Time I think about you .
6. Amused Fair
7. Stone Talk
8. Marvelous Dance
9. Muse
10. Close to Heaven (Bonus track)

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